Benesh iBook 1, 2 & 3 now available

IBook CoverNow Available from iBook, this fun, visual, interactive and useful way to self-teach yourself some basic understand of BMN (Benesh Movement Notation)

I highly recommend this for any age group. There are now 3 volumes available:

This is a very visual, interactive and fun way to gain more knowledge in Benesh Movement Notation. You will find that understanding how to analyse movement will help you get more from your daily ballet classes and training. And all this for less than £10 per book

Make sure that you follow the links above for more information and purchasing details.

Benesh for Ballet

Written by Rhonda Ryman-Kane and Robyn Hughes Ryman

Basic ballet positions in word definitions, dance form images and Benesh Movement Notation

‘We all know what a music score looks like. Have you ever wondered what a dance score looks like, or if they even exist? There are in fact several dance notation systems and one of the most popular for ballet is Benesh Movement Notation (BMN). Like most languages, it is easier to read than to write. In fact, reading basic ballet positions is simple.

This book introduces you to the fundamental concepts of BMN to help you read basic ballet positions from the three “schools” of ballet: English, Italian, and Russian. The basic poses are described in words, images, and notated examples. Using interactive iBook features, readers can add Highlights, take Notes, make Study cards, complete Reviews to learn BMN fundamentals while brushing up on ballet vocabulary.’


For more details check out the Facebook Page or YouTube video



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