Film projections on the ROH walls

During the month of September we traditionally now have an exciting series of events as part of the the Deloite ignite festival. This years highlight was 3 nights of video projections on the piazza side walls of the Royal Opera House.

You will notice that Benesh Notation is featured as part of the film at 3min24. This notation in the Deloitte Ignite Projections film is a section of the tap dancing of the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The film is about the history of the Royal Opera House since the 18th century to present days. I am personally very glad that Benesh Movement Notation is able through this type of event reach out to a wider audience.

Deloitte Ignite Project fim

Deloitte Ignite Project fim

Please share your thoughts below and if you have encountered similar projects elsewhere

4 thoughts on “Film projections on the ROH walls

    • The Deloitte ignite festival happens usually during the month of September. Every year it’s different, so I do not know at this stage if they will renew this kind of experience next year. Probably best to check the ROH website late spring/early summer for the details for September 2017.


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