Mini-portrait #3

The mini-portrait series features the work of a Benesh Notator professional during the last year. The aim of this series as well as highlighting the work of many great individuals is to show the variety of work notator can do. 

Portrait n.3: Denis Bonner

Full time notator and repetiteur with Birmingham Royal Ballet. Full time Benesh Course in 1984/5

Work undertaken during the last year.

  • Staging Peter Wrights Sleeping Beauty for the Hungarian National Ballet
  • Notating David Bintley’s The Tempest and subsequently staging it for Houston Ballet ( a co-production.)
  • Revival Peter Wright’s Nutcracker. (From joint score with Amanda Eyles)
  • Revival Cranko’s Pineapple Poll
  • Revival MacMillan’s Solitaire (from Liz Cunliffe’s score)
  • Revival Corder’s Baiser de la Fée (from own score)
  • Revival Bintley’s Cinderella ( from joint score with Patricia Tierney)
  • Revival Wright’s Coppelia ( from joint score of various notators)
  • Revival Bintley’s Flowers of the Forest for Star Dancers Ballet Tokyo
  • Revival MacMillan’s Elite Syncopations for Elmhurst School for Dance.

Published April 2017

One thought on “Mini-portrait #3

  1. The young man is doing s great job.
    Went to see Sarasota Ballet Company last night. They performed Checkmate. Choreologist Grant Coyle, who you featured last month, had worked with them on producing a fabulous recreation.


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