Mini-portrait series #5

The mini-portrait series features the work of a Benesh Notator during the last year. The aim of this series is to show the great variety of work notator can do as well as highlighting the work of many great individuals

Photographer: Cléon Daniel, courtesy of the Royal Academy of Dance

Portrait n.5: Kendra Johnson
Freelance BMN teacher and examiner. Professional Dance Notator’s Diploma in Benesh Movement Notation in 1999/2000. AIChor in 2005.

During the past year I have:

• run the Certificate in Benesh Movement Notation (CBMN) distance-learning programme offered by the Royal Academy of Dance and tutored CBMN students

• taught the Score Reading for Dancers (SRFD) course to 1st and 2nd year students at English National Ballet School and will shortly return to Elmhurst Ballet School to examine their SRFD students

• co-tutored Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Faculty of Education modules for BA (Hons) Dance Education students in which they study Benesh Movement Notation and Labanotation

taught BMN to the RAD’s Professional Dancers’ Teaching Diploma students

• taught BMN to RAD teachers via CPD workshops

• produced materials to support the teaching of BMN at the Royal Ballet School

• worked with Margaret Fleming to produce a BMN translation of a Lilac Fairy variation originally recorded in Stepanov notation

Slide from a presentation created to introduce Royal Ballet School students to slide lines and the movements they record

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