Mini-portrait series #7

DL.copy right Anne Deniau_ONP2010

photographe Anne Deniau

The mini-portrait series features the work of a Benesh Notator during the last year. The aim of this series is to show the great variety of work notator can do as well as highlighting the work of many great individuals

Mini-portrait #7: Dany Lévêque

Choreologist and assistant of Angelin Preljocaj. Full time Benesh Notation course 1990 graduate. During the last year Dany has:

  • Notated a Benesh Notation score for La Fresque which premiered on the 20th of September 2016, it a complicated work that last 1h20 long which has many choreographic amendments done to it.
  • Set from own score a new version of Spectral Evidence at the New York City Ballet and for a new cast with the Preljocaj ballet
  • Remounted Peurs Bleues for The Ballet Preljocaj Junior, creation from 1985 that hadn’t been notated so Dany created a working score for this work.
  • Dany has done many public rehearsals with an invited audience in Aix-en-Provence
  • She has been on tour with the Ballet Preljocaj to Bangkok, Turin, St Denis de la Réunion.
  • Remounted extracts of L’Anoure and Personne n’épouse les méduses and  given rehearsals to the GUID Groupement urbain d’interventions dansés
  • Pre and post performance talks/conferences in Venise, alliance française, Aix-en-Provence and soon (June 2017) in St Denis de La Réunion
  • In July she is starting work on a new creation which will be premiered in September 2017
  • Dany will also be doing a talk at the Benesh conference in Paris the 6th July 2017 on her book “Angelin Preljocaj, de la création à la mémoire de la danse

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