Warning! Last few days left to enrol on the Certificate BMN

Certificate in Benesh Movement Notation 2018 – Application deadline 8th November 2017 for starting next semester (January 2018)


For those wishing to embark upon the Certificate in Benesh Movement Notation (CBMN) program starting in January 2018, note that the deadline for applications is 8th November 2017 and approaching fast!

CBMN will provide you with a comprehensive grounding in Benesh Movement Notation and enable you to read and record the movement of solo dancers (including floorwork), partners and groups.  This part-time programme is delivered entirely by distance-learning so, wherever you are located in the world, you will be able to study BMN alongside your other pursuits and in your home country.

Whether you are a professional dancer, dance teacher, dance student, a dance researcher,….studying BMN will increase the accuracy of your understanding, observation and performance of movement, enable you to write down movement with efficiency and precision. Studying BMN could open the door to a career as a professional Benesh notator within a dance company, help you become a tutor in BMN and help develop dance research, anthropology or physics of dance using BMN.

Lorraine 2

Lorraine notating Kitri variation in The Royal Ballet  notation office while studying CBMN2

For further information about CBMN and application forms, please see the attached information booklet. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Kendra Johnson (CBMN Programme Leader) at kjohnson@rad.org.uk

Please click this link to see the complete information booklet – CBMNInformationBooklet2018

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