Benesh Congress in Paris, July 2017

The first Benesh Congress organised by BenMove took place in Paris from the 5th till 9th of July 2017. It was held in the beautiful premisses of The Conservatoire National Superior of Music and Dance of Paris and it brought together choreologists from around the world for four days of exchange on the profession and their means of communication. Each day different modules where offered: workshops, round tables and lectures. Open to professional Benesh Notators, students in the Benesh system and all those interested in BMN (Benesh Movement Notation), this congress was an inspiring experience for all. It was an opportunity to meet choreologists from major dance companies (Amsterdam, London, Germany, Canada, Sweden,…).
The congress started off by presentations of the different centres that teach the Benesh System and what they offered. Then several practical workshops from experienced notators were held and roundtable talks on the profession of choreologist which allowed exchanges on the different roles that a notator can have within a company and how they meet to needs of today’s choreographers.

Presentations of the ebooks and MacBenesh software were made and we had the opportunity to discover new IT work tools that are currently being tested.

Part of the congress was dedicated to the research and publication of choreographic scores. We discovered the path of Katrin Wolf who applied Benesh Movement Notation within the art of circus. Natalia Naidich, explained the process she followed between submitting her notes until the publication of the book Rosaura. All these experiences showed us the extent to which Benesh Movement Notation can spread to a wide variety of forms and its rich vocabulary can be applied to new contexts.

Sharing and preservation of scores were an important topic discussed at the end of the congress. It was observed that collecting all the existing scores and sharing educational materials among the Benesh Notation community is a very important but complex issue. A working group on this issue was created to consider ways to make these more accessible. The positive energy, great atmosphere and community sharing where the key words of these four days of congress . It was a very inspirational 4 days for all and many new exciting projects were instigated from it.

Rendez-vous in two years for the next Benesh Congress to be held in London in summer 2019! ☺

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