Introduction to Benesh Notation

Teacher in Mexico taking part in a 5 day course in Reading Benesh Movement notation

“Excellent, wonderful, challenging, a new language, helpful, enjoyable, important tool, etc….” this is some of the feedback received from teachers talking about these tailor made courses to teach them the basic principles of Benesh Notation. These courses can range from a day workshop up to a 5 day initiation course happening across the planet. The Royal Academy of Dance has been leading the teaching profession in offering these CPD’s worldwide: UK, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia,… to only mention a few.

Melanie Simpkin teaching a reading Benesh Notation course

The RAD’s Continuing Professional Development programme has been created for its graduate dance teachers and students. The Academy’s teachers are obliged to complete 20 hours of on-going training and development annually in order to keep their teaching certification up to date. The object of the notation training was to instruct those same teachers in how to read and understand the BMN which is now included in every syllabus book published by the RAD. In each volume, the notation sits alongside the word notes for each exercise and variation, with the book for the Solo Seal Award containing just the notation and an accompanying DVD, with no word notes at all. With the RAD promoting the use of notation in its materials more than ever before, it became clear that its students and teachers need to know how to read the notation accurately in order to get the most out of the revised syllabi.

Kendra Johnson 

Often people who take part are very apprehensive before they start but are then totally amazed how quickly they can get to read some notation after a very short time. It is so satisfying to be able to dance a choreography that you have deciphered yourself.

Even if these events are designed for RAD teachers they are open to everyone.

CPD in reading Benesh Notation held in Japan

Your next event:

1 day workshop in Leeds, Uk on 12th of November 2017. Presented by Kendra Johnson and valued at 8h of CPD


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