Here are a few useful links that I would like to suggest:

The Royal Ballet
The Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera House

This is where I work for the last 11 seasons. You can find on the site all the information about what you can see on stage as well as our outreach events and how to apply of work experience in The Royal Ballet Benesh Notation department


Benesh InstituteThe Benesh Institute

This is where I trained to become a Choreologist. You will find here useful pages on the history of Notation and how it works as well as the many Benesh Movement Notation courses that they offer.


Benesh Blogosphere

BlogosphèreFrench Benesh Notation blog run by Eliane Mirzabekiantz, also has information on Notation history and how it work but also a very comprehensive list of publications available
Open Benesh 

A very good an interactive website created by Robyn Ryman Hugues, which explains how Benesh works and has many useful interactive tools to use with younger children.

Open Benesh

or search on Facebook for the “Global Benesh Community” group