“¿Para qué necesitamos un sistema de notación, cuando ya tenemos el vídeo?” Esta es una pregunta que he escuchado innumerables veces no solo por gente ajena al mundo de la danza sino por bailarines y profesionales también… Y mi respuesta siempre ha sido la siguiente: “¿Le pedirías a un actor preparándose para representar Hamlet de…

Introduction to Benesh Notation

“Excellent, wonderful, challenging, a new language, helpful, enjoyable, important tool, etc….” this is some of the feedback received from teachers talking about these tailor made courses to teach them the basic principles of Benesh Notation. These courses can range from a day workshop up to a 5 day initiation course happening across the planet.

Benesh Congress in Paris, July 2017

The first Benesh Congress organised by BenMove took place in Paris from the 5th till 9th of July 2017. It was held in the beautiful premisses of The Conservatoire National Superior of Music and Dance of Paris and it brought together choreologists from around the world for four days of exchange on the profession and…

Andrée Grau 1954-2017

Andrée Grau was an early Associate of the Institute of Choreology (AiChor) graduate in 1976 and got her Fellowship of the Institute of Choreology  (FiChor) in 1985. Whilst undertaking fieldwork for her PhD among the Tiwi people of Melville and Bathurst Islands, she used Benesh movement notation to document the dances of the communities she…

Variations and Volcanos

When I completed my Benesh Movement Notation (BMN) training, I always thought I might like to teach the subject one day, but I never imagined I would do so in the shadow of a smouldering volcano! Fast forward a few years and that was exactly where I found myself, in a dance studio in Cholula Mexico, at the foot of a very active Popocatépetl.